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 More than a clever acronym for BLDD; it's a way of life.

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Do you see the world through a unique lens? Are you a creative thinker who sees the art in everything around you? Do you believe in the power of great design? At BLDD Architects, we do. Why? Because Life Deserves Design!

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"BLDD has been a great place to work with a culture that understands work/life balance. From maternity leave to having a women's group called WIN that meets quarterly with informative speakers and helpful conversations of experiences and information, BLDD creates a culture with the mindset "work hard play hard" and includes other social groups for connecting with others in the company on a level outside of just work conversation! Those different levels of establishing and building relationships set the stage for more open communication and collaborative efforts on our project teams, which leads to the best project outcomes."

"BLDD is a conducive working environment because of the camaraderie displayed among colleagues - who are always willing to address any questions that one might have; the flexible working hours and ability to work from home (my pup is thankful too); the company outings, happy hours, and other social events - which encourage team members to socialize outside of work; how leadership encourages the professional growth of newer team members by providing guidance when/where necessary."

"I've been a part of BLDD, off and on, since somewhere around 1990 as a summer intern. BLDD is a great place to work because we are big enough that we get to work on a wide variety of project sizes and types, but not so big that you are slotted into just one small aspect of the construction process, and not too small where you never get to work on a truly awesome new building.

Colleagues care about the quality of work that we produce and are proud of fulfilling our clients' expectations and needs with a well-designed and well-built end product, with the hope that our clients will be happy with the end result for years to come. BLDD has always had a culture of doing things the right way, not the easy way, and the firm's longevity is a testament to that ethos.

The social get-togethers and outings, the flexibility of being able to work from home and the generous benefits are all great sprinkles on the top of the cake, but what makes for a great cake is the core dedication of architects (and engineers) who take pride in producing great buildings for our clients. That is the key to happiness and satisfaction in a career. "

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Don't see the right role for you?  Don't worry, we're always looking for talented people.  Contact us at


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